Watch below the fold to...

Drop water at the knowledge cooler

Trust you cast the right vote

Throw down with your conspiracy uncle

Outsplain a mansplainer

See both sides

About the show

A holdover from newspaper publishing, the term ‘below the fold’ refers to where the nuanced details and full context of a story would get placed, leaving the attention grabbing headlines ‘above the fold’  in order to sell more papers.
While newsstands are about significant as phone booths these days, major media outlets still give precedence to stories that get clicks, views and ratings.  So, while people are consuming more news than ever, the general understanding of today’s challenges is only getting worse thus allowing ideology to inform opinions.
“Below the Fold” makes learning about these challenges quick, fun and effortless, even for the busiest of people. Without using divisive rhetoric,  it covers topics that help the average person understand what the hell is going on so they can call out bullshit and form their own opinion about important issues. With characters, animation, comedy and one very likable host, Below the Fold blends comedy with facts to bring you weekly ADD-approved videos that educate and entertain.


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